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FULL. Closed. Drs. Sherif Wakil & Runels' Workshop: O-Shot (R) & Priapus Shot (R), & Marketing Workshop:

  • 01 Jul 2015
  • 9:00 AM (UTC+01:00)
  • 02 Jul 2015
  • 5:00 PM (UTC+01:00)
  • Office of Dr. Sherif Wakil, 77 Harley Street, London, United Kingdom W1G 8QN


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Workshop: O-Shot (R) & Priapus Shot (R) Procedure, & Marketing 

Combine the principles of Leonardo with the latest science to produce the most beautiful results with Botox, Fillers, and blood-derived growth factors.

Even though the techniques and ideas behind this workshop involve concentration and focus, the teaching is done in a relaxed and casual way using some of my best friends and patients as models.  You will be treated with respect and honor and courtesy while learning from me. 

Here's what you get with this workshop:
  • How to do the O-Shot (R) [assumes able to do a comfortable pelvic exam] which is rapidly growing in popularity (presently getting more internet traffic than the Vampire Facelift (R))
  • Priapus Shot (R) taught.
  • 8 Strategies for doubling the number of injections you do per day for about $30 per month (and then doubling again and again until you easily make more then $100,000 per year with your injection practice).  This alone will bring you more profit (in addition to better service to your patients) than any course you've ever seen.  I do my own website, my own search engine optimization, my own YouTube videos, and email newsletter.  I'll show you how you can do the same with little time and simply a phone and a lap-top computer and make back the money you paid for this course within 2 weeks.  
  • The Key to all of this is that YOU WILL BE TAKING BETTER CARE OF YOUR PATIENTS--the reward becomes a more profitable practice.
  • Hands on and didactic from 9am-9 pm on Day 1 and from 9 am until 3 pm on Day 2. 
(small monthly fee applies if wish to use trademarked names as part of marketing)

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Dr. Sherif Wakil

Guarantee: If you do not feel like you will more than pay for this course within 30 days of your arrival home, you can walk out at the end of the first day and get a full refund.

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Money back if not completely satisfied.

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IMPORTANT:  We will only accepting a small number of people in this course so that I will be able to give as much attention as possible to each person and coach them through live injections. The computer will automatically shut down registration after the quota is reached. 

Membership at the American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association and attendance at this course qualifies you for listing at and gives you access to review videos in the members-only section of the ACCMA.
No video or audio recording is allowed during these events. This is cosmetic work, not the healing of horrific disease, so I have no ethical reasons to facilitate the easy broadcasting of these ideas and techniques.  These are very valuable and closely guarded techniques.
I'd be honored to meet you soon and to help you serve your patients better and find more joy and art and financial reward in your cosmetic practice.
Peace & health,
Dr. Runels
Charles Runels, MD

    Money Back if Not Completely Satisfied

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    Dr Runels is also available for private, one-on-one teaching and for on-site teaching at your clinic...
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